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The process of developing the concept for your event, to effectively rolling out and getting engagement takes a few stages. We can help by working with you to develop a plan for the project, taking into account what needs to be done before, during and after the event to maximise the opportunity.


We’re great at being flexible and innovative.  Every production is different, we’re used to that and we love it.  That means we’ll work for you and with you to make your event the best it can be..!

  • 01 Initial Chat

    We talk through the project with you to consider what can be done to get best results from CrowdCam at your event...

  • 02 Site Visit

    We may need to have a site visit, this would let us come up with options for camera positions, where to process the results and so on...

  • 03 DESIGN

    We work on the design of the viewer code to get it all approved and tested well in advance of the event...

  • 04 Event..!

    We shoot an awesome picture at your event, then work fast to get it online and taggable...

  • 05 Social Frenzy..!

    The CrowdCam picture is promoted at the event and on social platforms, and we watch the Tags / Shares / Data come in..!!!

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