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The aim of CrowdCam is to generate fan engagement, to get the online image and the event / sponsor talked about and the brand shared across social media.  Its also about generating GDPR compliant marketing ‘opt ins’. Then there are the panoramic prints, a lasting memento that’s going to be cherished long after an event.


Achieving this requires a holistic approach to launching the ‘taggable’ CrowdCam image online. And generating sales of the custom panoramic prints.


We can offer a range of services:


  • Customised event photography based on venue layout. This could be ground level, elevated masts or inverted (roof mounted), single event or fixed systems for long term use.
  • Develop a custom Viewer skin to meet brand requirements.
  • Support within the Viewer for Competitions to promote participation.
  • Hosting the CrowdCam Gigapixel images on our purpose built, high availability servers.
  • Offer a range of high quality Panoramic Prints to fans showcasing a venue or event.
  • Advise on a launch strategy and provide sample assets to maximise ROI.


We have two approaches to prices. You can pay us, or we can pay you…


In essence we provide three services:


  1. Fan Engagement / Social Media Exposure
  2. GDPR Compliant Marketing Data Capture
  3. Custom Prints


If an event is suitable for the sale of customised prints, and the event organiser is happy to promote this service, then the sale of prints can entirely fund the Fan Engagement & Data Capture.  It can also provide a significant revenue share back to the organisers, and a contribution to a charity partner.  So the net result is that CrowdCam pay to attend an event…


Or, if the event is not suitable for the sale of prints, we can still provide the Fan Engagement & Data Capture services for a fee.

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